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Why Choose Little BoTeek?

There are so many choices out there for tutus and cutesy accessories, right?! So you might be asking yourself why to choose me over someone else. Well, apart from the fact that I happen to like my stuff better (*wink wink*), I'll give you a few reasons.

Every single piece is hand-sewn, hand-crafted, and unique. All of the flowers that I make are sewn, rather than hot glued in order to stand the test of time and to give them a more polished look. All of my flowers and bows are interchangeable with my other accessories! The alligator clips easily attach and detach from scarves, headbands & wraps, and even tutus!

Tutus are made to stand the test of toddlers and preschoolers! They are all made on 1½" elastic waffle bands and reinforced at the seam. I weave a ribbon through so that they can easily adjust from itty bitties to bigger princesses as well.

In addition, I can make custom pieces for special occasions including weddings, pageants, school dances, holiday photos, and anything else that you might want!

Finally, my prices are absolutely unbeatable!

*Tot headwrap with alligator clip 

*Wrist cuff with alligator clip

*Bow attached to a glitter headband